Paris photography guide - photographing Paris

This section will help you answer some of the questions you may be asking yourself while organizing your trip or before starting photographing Paris.

Christmas decorations in Paris

The end of the year is an interesting period to visit Paris. Though the days are short and the weather might not be optimal, there are plenty of opportunities for photographers. These include the Christmas decorations and illuminations.

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When to go to Paris?

Every season has its advantages when it comes to taking photos in Paris, and each can convey a different mood to your pictures.

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What gear should I take with me?

This is my advice for a small format SLR setup suitable for Paris. Hopefully, it will also prove useful to medium format or point and shoot users.

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Using a tripod in public places

People frequently wonder if it is possible to use a tripod on the street in Paris. We did some research to find any law preventing it. Here are our findings.

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Avoid looking like a tourist

Tourists in Paris are preys for all kinds of scams and they are generally easily spotted. While you cannot entirely change the way you look, there are ways to avoid looking like a tourist in Paris.

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Map of Paris

I found this detailed map of Paris. It can be helpful to plan a trip.

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